How it works

Protagonists of the international red carpet, runway and the star system are always impeccable, with perfect, thick, shiny hair. Their secret? The Hair Fibers. Until recently, they have been the privilege of few and now they can be used daily by millions of people around the world. Within a few seconds and with a simple gesture, keratin fibers bind electrostatically to your hair, making them immediately thicker and giving you all the serenity and security of a healthy and young look.

In few and easy steps:


The principle is very easy: hair fibers will bond electrostatically to hairs. The fixing spray will give further extra hold.


and results are amazing:

/public/editor/before and after.jpg

The Kmax fibers are available in 9 colors and in different sizes to best suit your needs and ensure an extremely natural result

/public/editor/fiber colors (en).jpg

A wide range of accessories, including Kmax Concealing Fixing Spray, Kmax Concealing Applicator Sprayer and Kmax Concealing Enhancer, will give you a perfect image

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Find out in details the characteristics of Kmax Fiber, its accessories and all other instantaneous Kmax Concealing products. Click here